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WDC AL = Working for you!!

New idea’s that bring you new competitions in a new style!!

 The WDC AL is proud to present a new concept for Amateur Dancers.  A new form of competition and learning whilst still upholding a level of importance and recognition of the genre. 

New competitions will be held in Synchronized Dancing.
Two styles - Synchronized Latin and Synchronized Ballroom ( in and out of hold)

 A very attractive and different new form of dancing for our many active competitors and for pupils from danceschools and clubs.

Team up now and join this new form of competition.
In Assen we have a first presentation (limited  format).

  • There are 2 sections: 
    Synchronized Latin
    Synchroniszd Ballroom ( in and out of hold )
  • Categories: 
    All Male, All Female, Mixed.
  • Age Groups
    U10, U12, U14, U16, U19, U21, Amateur, O30, O40, O50, O60.
  • Team size: 
    2 (Duo)  up to 4, up to 6, up to 12, up to 16 ( single numbers not couples ) 
  • Music: 
    You dance on regular competition music in 3 dances per section:
    Waltz - Tango - Quickstep and Cha cha - Rumba - Jive
  • Judging based on matching shapes and moves, technical ability, holds and touch acceptable but not
     required Musicality and freedom of movement expected.

  • Choreography is open and costumes are free.
  • No lifts or dangerous moves allowed. 

                    Synchronized dancing is a new concept that would run along side existing events


 1 - Open to all Ages and Levels

 2 - Choose the age group of the eldest member (up to Amateur)
      Choose the age group of the youngest member (down to Amateur)
      Amateur is the open age group for all ages.

 3 - Competitions will be in one dance style for each event

 4 - All teams must stay arms length to create the best presentation
   - teams that move apart will be penalised 



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