Entries Dutch Amateur League

These competitions are for Dutch couples only.

For those who will only dance in these competitions and do not also want to visit all other competitions a special ticket is available at 30,- euro per day.  On Saturday and Sunday only.
Be aware that this ticket will NOT allow you to watch the WDC European Professional Ballroom Championship 2018 and the Dutch Open amateur and professional events!!
A normal entrance-ticket will allow entrance and participation to all events.

Pre-amateurs dance 3 dances: Waltz / Tango / Quickstep or Cha cha / Rumba / Jive
Pre-amateurs can also dance in National amateurs.
National amateurs dance 4 dances: Waltz / Tango / Slowfoxtrot / Quickstep or Cha cha / Samba / Rumba / Jive
National amateurs can also dance in Master Class and our Amateur Rising Star events.
Master Class can also dance in all our Amateur events and dance all 5 dances.


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