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The special arrangements offer you the opportunity to stay in the festival-venue all the time. 
A limited number of rooms from 1 to 4 persons per room is available. 
We advise you to arrange your booking at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment!

The Premium-arrangement includes 8 night hotel from Sunday onwards. 
The Workshops only and Festival only arrangements include 4 nights hotel resp. from Sunday and Thursday onwards.
Please note that the prices of these arrangements have the admission-tickets for the workshops and / or festival included!!
Final confirmation will follow immediately after full payment.
Advanced reservations are given special preference.
Seperate bookings (non-arrangements) are all kept on reserve.
Visitors and participants that book accommodation in hotel de Bonte Wever can ask us for a visum-invitation.

Premium-arrangements are given absolute priority in final allocation in the Bonte Wever.
Festival-arrangements are given priority in final allocation in the Bonte Wever.
These arrangements can be upgraded to Pro-Am-arrangement, VIP-arrangement and Frontseat-arrangement.
Of course you can also do a separate booking (tickets only) or separate booking for accomodation (hotel or bungalow).


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